Push-to-Talk Instant Communications

At the push of a button, you can communicate with individuals, specific groups of workers or your entire team
  • No dialing
  • Quick group set-up
  • All-in-one communication solution, removing the need to communicate over multiple apps. Accelerate the flow of information for quicker answers enabling faster decisions.
Accelerate the flow of information for quicker answers enabling faster decisions.


On average, PTT calls are 3X shorter than voice calls


See who is available before you connect. If they’re not available, your call is automatically recorded and delivered as a message


Instantly connect to multiple people at once, with voice and/or multi-media messages


View the real-time locations of users and quickly initiate calls, or receive geo-fence alerts

Secure and reliable

A carrier-integrated service hosted on Ball’s world-class networks

Integrated Dispatch

Dispatchers can easily view the location and status of users, and send and receive PTT calls, all from a Windows PC. The integrated dispatch console improves the efficiency of day-to-day operations so you can respond faster to incidents and requests.

Use Cases:

  • Construction
  • Break fix repair contractors – i.e. HVAC, Plumbing, Drain, others
  • Facilities, Plant, Campus teams
  • Taxi & Limousine operators
  • Hospital campuses
  • Towing and Storage organizations
  • First Responder organizations
  • Delivery and Transportation organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Works
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