Push-to-Talk Instant Communications

Coast-to-coast Coverage, connect instantly in more places coast-to-coast on Canada's largest LTE network with extensive LTE roaming in the U.S.

Connect with your team faster and safer with our cutting-edge push-to-talk technology. Upgrade to carrier-grade PTT today!

Stay seamlessly connected with Bell Push-to-Talk, offering unmatched coast-to-coast coverage across Canada's largest LTE network and expansive LTE roaming in the U.S. This carrier-grade solution ensures your teams can instantly communicate with the simple push of a button—whether one-on-one or in groups up to 3,000 people. Enhanced by comprehensive location services, real-time presence, and robust supervisory controls, Bell Push-to-Talk is the ultimate communication tool for executives seeking to streamline operations, enhance safety, and maintain command across vast territories. Ensure your organization stays ahead with a communication solution designed for the pace and scale of your business.

Maximize Team Communication with Instant Access, Priority Calls, and Cloud-Based Dispatch Console for Efficient Operations.

Revolutionize Team Communication - Stay connected with your entire team, no matter their location, with instant push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities. Say goodbye to complex conference calls and multiple communication apps. • Enhanced Prioritization and Coordination - With one-to-many PTT functionality and the ability to make 1:1 private calls, you can easily reduce chatter in larger groups and focus on the most important conversations. • Real-Time Visibility and Safety Measures - Utilize real-time presence to see who is available for communication before reaching out. In case of an emergency, supervisors and dispatchers can remotely access user locations, perform welfare checks, and even declare an emergency on behalf of a user.

Coast-to-coast coverage

Carrier-grade solution

Service interoperability.

Connect instantly in more place across Canada and the U.S

Bell offers Canada’s only carrier-grade PTT solution, integrated and hosted in our secure network environment and backed by rigorous device testing and certification for optimal PTT performance.

As an instant communications leader, Bell offers Push-to-Talk that will work in harmony with most digital two-way radio networks. Only Bell allows you to seamlessly use these solutions together, with options like Radio/PTT Interop

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