Asset and Fleet Management

Asset Management & Monitoring

Monitor assets, optimize business

Manage the efficiency of heavy equipment, machinery, fleet and other goods without large investments of capital or labour with Asset Management solutions.  We offer tools to accurately track and monitor valuable assets and inventory, control costs, minimize loss and boost productivity.

How are our clients using Asset Management Services to improve their operations?

Monitor and maintain the health of your assets

  • Receive automatic notifications if conditions change and anomalies occur
  • Quickly identify if unexpected conditions require staff to respond and take action

Efficient deliveries

Gain insight into real-time inventory levels, tanks levels, fuel levels - eliminating unnecessary truck runs and deliveries

Optimize your investment

  • Increase your control and visibility of your fleet of assets
  • Monitor the condition and location of your equipment
  • Prevent unauthorized use of equipment
  • Ensure that your assets are available and locatable when they are needed so that jobs are run efficiently, rental costs are reduced, and workers are not left waiting for equipment

Reduced Costs

  • Collect real-time data on the status of your assets
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits
  • Better schedule crews & personnel
  • Minimize Product Shrinkage
  • Reduce inventory loss due to accidental spoilage

Asset Management Solutions

Tank monitoring:
  • Propane
  • Petroleum
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Lubricants
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Collect real-time data on tank fill levels, usage and temperature
  • Generate automated reports based on fill levels to accurately plan deliveries and eliminate unnecessary truck roles
  • Make smarter, more informed business decisions with accurate data
  • Receive instant alerts for dangerous tank pressure, temperature or battery life before issues become critical
  • Ensure worker safety by eliminating the need for manual tank readings and avoiding unnecessary exposure to hazardous chemicals in any environment

Asset tracking & condition monitoring

Locate and manage assets more accurately. We enable you to monitor:
  • Location
  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Device battery life

Prevent loss and theft

Significant reductions in loss of inventory and equipment through automated alerts that are triggered if your assets leave a predetermined area such as a storage container, transport yard, job site or search and locate an item based on its last known location

Enhanced productivity

When you have a crew waiting for a piece of equipment that cannot be located, your costs quickly escalate due to increased equipment rental costs and unused labour. Quickly and easily locate equipment and make sure that it is available and will operate when you need it and where you need it

Maintain customer service levels and asset integrity

Damaged or spoiled deliveries negatively impact your businesses reputation and your client experience levels ultimately costing your customers and driving up costs. Get immediate alerts when conditions change that require you to act, so that you protect the quality of goods, reduce loss and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and customer service level agreements.

Fleet Management

Telematics – insight into your equipment

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improvements in fuel efficiency
  • Improvements in fleet utilization
  • Improved Security


  • Improvement in routing your fleet
  • Identify unexpected waiting time
  • Identify unauthorized vehicle use
  • Identify unauthorized stops or routes
  • Receive automated alerts or safety violations

Hours of service / E-logs

  • Canada is quickly following the USA with mandating the use of electronic logs and hours of service reporting. The enforcement date in Canada is Effective June 12, 2021. As of this date, all Operators must have switched from paper daily logs to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Become compliant in advance of the deadline and increase driver safety.
  • Automate vehicle safety checks and easily capture photos with location, date, time stamps, audio and more. Automatically send an SMS notification to supervisory staff upon identifying a “Failed” inspection and start the workflow process to ensure the fault is addressed.

Mapping & Dispatch

Leverage our mapping & dispatch services to:
  • Increase response time
  • Create virtual time clocks
  • Validate service calls and time spent travelling and on-site
  • Achieve accurate client billings
  • Reduce fuel expenses
  • Eliminate excessive maintenance costs
How are our clients using Fleet Management Services to improve their operations?

Service organizations – (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, IT and others)

  • Curb unauthorized after hours use of equipment
  • Create a virtual time clock to monitor payroll timecards and client invoicing
  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Validate service calls
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduce service call response time


  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Curb unauthorized after hours use of equipment
  • Reduce vehicle operating expenses
  • Attain real-time location and theft recovery
  • Decrease excessive fuel and maintenance costs

Sales & Account Executives

  • Increase client visits and appointments
  • Added safety and security
  • Automated accurate mileage reports
  • Productivity monitoring


  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved fleet utilization
  • Curb inaccurate payroll
  • Eliminate excessive overtime
  • Address questionable customer complaints with factual data
  • Automate fuel tax reporting
  • Improve safety compliance

Government and Municipalities

  • Increase safety and accountability
  • Improve service call response
  • Verify service areas
  • Improve workflow and dispatch
  • Reduce vehicle operating expenses
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