Early Device Upgrade

Did you lose or damage your smartphone or are you looking for the newest, coolest wireless device? We offer an Early Upgrade program that allows you to upgrade you current device to get any device you want, when you want it. You are not locked into a schedule when it comes to getting the new device you desire.

Upgrading your phone is easy...

  1. Visit your nearest National Wireless location to check the balance owing on your current device
  2. Approve the pay-out of your device balance
  3. Choose your new devices and start enjoying it!

How your device balance is calculated

Early Device Upgrade Fee = Original Device Subsidy Amount / Number of months in the contract X Number of months remaining in your contract.

i.e. The full retail price of a particular device is $699.95. You purchased the device for $149.95 on a 2 year contract. This means you received a discount of $550.00. Your discount of $550 is deducted in equal amounts over the 24 months of your contract. If you have 6 months remaining on your contract and wanted to upgrade to a brand new device, you would just need to pay out the remainder of the discount balance which would be $137.70. You would then be eligible to purchase the new device you want at the fully discounted price!