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Bell Total Connect

A new way to keep your business connected

With the pace of business today, you need a communication solution that works the way you do – in the office, on the road, after hours. With Bell Total Connect, your landline, computer and mobile devices work together seamlessly to help you do more and make more every day.

Bell total connect provides you with a single unified presence…allowing your customers and colleagues to reach you, no matter what device you’re on.

Work the way you want – on any device

No opportunity goes unanswered

All your messages in one place….Stay
Organized with all your voice mails centralized
To your inbox, easy to access and forward – 
No need to check your voicemail inbox to
Retrieve messages

Bell Total Connect

Easy-to-use. Cost-effective. Future proof
Get the right solution for today and tomorrow with minimal upfront capital. As Bell Total Connect is a cloud-based service, it does not require any expensive equipment and you get instant access to new features as they’re released.

The Internet of Things

Discover how machine-to-machine technologies can improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Push-to-Talk service

Connect instantly to employees and suppliers with Canada's proven Push-to-Talk solution

Electronic Forms

Reduce the burden of managing paper based forms throughout your organization. If your mobile workers use paper forms as part of their daily activities let our team show you how simple it is to convert your existing forms into electronic form and eliminate the delays and increase input accuracy and information compliance.

Asset Management

Assets include people and equipment. Understanding where these assets are, how close they are to your clients and job sites, and when they will be available to complete additional tasks allows you to reduce your operating overheads and for your organization to be more efficient. Our solutions provide you detailed data in real-time, so that you can insure your resources are where they need to be, when you need them there with the proper equipment available to them. The data collected and analyzed helps you control costs, enhance safety, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Wireless Backup connectivity

Wireless backup solutions keep your business communicating even when your primary data connection is lost. Avoiding network downtime can help you retain clients, maintain revenue and protect your brand reputation.     By leveraging out LTE network, you know your business will never lose Internet connectivity.

Worker Safety

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensure that are always safe with our emergency ready devices and solutions. Employees, who work in harsh, isolated environments, can be vulnerable to their surroundings. Our worker safety mobile solutions allow employees to stay connected with their teams while complying with strict safety and regulatory requirements. Worker safety solutions from Bell ensure that your employees can always contact the necessary emergency response team in the event of an accident or a field emergency.