Business Solutions We Offer


Push-to-Talk Instant Communications

At the push of a button, you can communicate with individuals, specific groups of workers or your entire team

  • No dialing
  • Quick group set-up
  • All-in-one communication solution, removing the need to communicate over multiple apps

Accelerate the flow of information for quicker answers enabling faster decisions.


  • On average, PTT calls are 3X shorter than voice calls


  • See who is available before you connect. If they’re not available, your call is automatically recorded and delivered as a message


  • Instantly connect to multiple people at once, with voice and/or multi-media messages


  • View the real-time locations of users and quickly initiate calls, or receive geo-fence alerts

Secure and reliable

  • A carrier-integrated service hosted on Ball’s world-class networks

Integrated Dispatch

  • Dispatchers can easily view the location and status of users, and send and receive PTT calls, all from a Windows PC. The integrated dispatch console improves the efficiency of day-to-day operations so you can respond faster to incidents and requests.

Use cases:

  • Construction
  • Break fix repair contractors – i.e. HVAC, Plumbing, Drain, others
  • Facilities, Plant, Campus teams
  • Taxi & Limousine operators
  • Hospital campuses
  • Towing and Storage organizations
  • First Responder organizations
  • Delivery and Transportation organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Works

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Mobile Workforce & Data Collection

How will your business and your customers benefit from automating your workflow and data collection?

  • Save time while increasing accuracy of data entry, eliminating costly errors and reducing labour costs
  • Eliminate incomplete or lost paperwork and ensure proof of service
  • Ensure paperwork is completed properly, every time, with improved consistency and accuracy

How are our clients using mobile workforce solutions to drive lower cost, improved customer experience and increase profits?

Digitize your current forms and reports

Our Mobile app allows you to simply and quickly convert your existing paper forms and reports into digital format. This flexibility allows you to eliminate the inherent costs and inefficiencies associated with paper forms and reports.

  • Eliminate printing and storage costs
  • Eliminate issues with incomplete reports and work orders
  • Eliminate issues with legibility of handwriting
  • Eliminate delays in completion of reports and work orders that ultimately result in delayed invoicing and cashflow
  • Eliminate client disputes by capturing photographs and signatures upon completion of work orders
  • Increase the accuracy of bill of materials for inventories used on a job by integrating your inventory systems with your work orders and forms
  • Collect payment immediately upon job completion using a Mobile app - increasing your access to cash and reducing bad debt

Efficient Inspections

  • Enable staff to capture rich, accurate data for inspections and audits using our mobile inspections app
  • Quickly distribute inspection/audit data in actionable formats to any number of back office systems or people
  • Send concise meaningful data to the right people within your organization to ensure compliance
  • Build accurate and detailed records which are quickly reviewable when needed
  • Easily share reports with Auditors and Regulators

Efficient Field Teams

Provide step-by-step guides for technicians to easily handle complex installation and maintenance processes using a Mobile Work Order app.Our Mobile app dynamically hides/shows questions based on the users input. The app prompts users for additional data as required using colour coding, notifications, displaying appropriate support documentation and more.

  • Capture photos, sketches, GPS/Timestamps, audio and more
  • Pre-populate relevant data into forms saving time and providing staff with accurate historical information

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork by letting your field team perform common business tasks on their Apple/Android/Windows mobile device or tablet

  • Send up-to-date work orders directly to and from people in the field – skip the trip to the office
  • Send estimates and invoices from the field in real-time to customers and back office systems
  • Reassign staff currently completing data entry tasks to higher value activities
  • Speed up billing processes and improve cash flow using a Mobile Invoicing app

Safety Reports

Quickly build mobile safety inspection forms to help monitor, identify and remediate documents and report workplace safety issues.  Our Mobile app enables you to:

  • Enforce consistent safety procedures
  • Easily capture rich media: photos, sketches, location, time stamps, audio clips
  • Pre-populate existing Employee Health and Safety data into forms to save time in the field
  • Trigger real-time SMS and/or Email notifications to safety supervisors when an inspection results in a fail rating, automatically triggering a workflow to correct the identified issue

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Asset Management:

Monitor assets, optimize business

Manage the efficiency of heavy equipment, machinery, fleet and other goods without large investments of capital or labour with Asset Management solutions.  We offer tools to accurately track and monitor valuable assets and inventory, control costs, minimize loss and boost productivity.

How are our clients using Asset Management Services to improve their operations?

Monitor and maintain the health of your assets

  • Receive automatic notifications if conditions change and anomalies occur
  • Quickly identify if unexpected conditions require staff to respond and take action

Efficient deliveries

  • Gain insight into real-time inventory levels, tanks levels, fuel levels - eliminating unnecessary truck runs and deliveries

Optimize your investment

  • Increase your control and visibility of your fleet of assets
  • Monitor the condition and location of your equipment
  • Prevent unauthorized use of equipment
  • Ensure that your assets are available and locatable when they are needed so that jobs are run efficiently, rental costs are reduced, and workers are not left waiting for equipment

Reduced Costs

  • Collect real-time data on the status of your assets
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits
  • Better schedule crews & personnel
  • Minimize Product Shrinkage
  • Reduce inventory loss due to accidental spoilage

Asset Management Solutions:

  Tank monitoring



Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)


Hazardous Chemicals

  • Collect real-time data on tank fill levels, usage and temperature
  • Generate automated reports based on fill levels to accurately plan deliveries and eliminate unnecessary truck roles
  • Make smarter, more informed business decisions with accurate data
  • Receive instant alerts for dangerous tank pressure, temperature or battery life before issues become critical
  • Ensure worker safety by eliminating the need for manual tank readings and avoiding unnecessary exposure to hazardous chemicals in any environment

Asset tracking & condition monitoring

Locate and manage assets more accurately. We enable you to monitor:

  • Location
  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Device battery life

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Fleet Management

Telematics – insight into your equipment

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improvements in fuel efficiency
  • Improvements in fleet utilization
  • Improved Security


  • Improvement in routing your fleet
  • Identify unexpected waiting time
  • Identify unauthorized vehicle use
  • Identify unauthorized stops or routes
  • Receive automated alerts or safety violations

Hours of service / E-logs

  • Canada is quickly following the USA with mandating the use of electronic logs and hours of service reporting. The enforcement date in Canada is Effective June 12, 2021. As of this date, all Operators must have switched from paper daily logs to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Become compliant in advance of the deadline and increase driver safety.
  • Automate vehicle safety checks and easily capture photos with location, date, time stamps, audio and more.Automatically send an SMS notification to supervisory staff upon identifying a “Failed” inspection and start the workflow process to ensure the fault is addressed.

         Mapping & Dispatch

     Leverage our mapping & dispatch services to:

  • Increase response time
  • Create virtual time clocks
  • Validate service calls and time spent travelling and on-site
  • Achieve accurate client billings
  • Reduce fuel expenses
  • Eliminate excessive maintenance costs

How are our clients using Fleet Management Services to improve their operations?

Service organizations – (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, IT and others)

  • Curb unauthorized after hours use of equipment
  • Create a virtual time clock to monitor payroll timecards and client invoicing
  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Validate service calls
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduce service call response time


  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Curb unauthorized after hours use of equipment
  • Reduce vehicle operating expenses
  • Attain real-time location and theft recovery
  • Decrease excessive fuel and maintenance costs

Sales & Account Executives

  • Increase client visits and appointments
  • Added safety and security
  • Automated accurate mileage reports
  • Productivity monitoring


  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved fleet utilization
  • Curb inaccurate payroll
  • Eliminate excessive overtime
  • Address questionable customer complaints with factual data
  • Automate fuel tax reporting
  • Improve safety compliance

Government and Municipalities

  • Increase safety and accountability
  • Improve service call response
  • Verify service areas
  • Improve workflow and dispatch
  • Reduce vehicle operating expenses

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Worker Safety

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensure that are always safe with our emergency ready devices and solutions. Employees, who work in harsh, isolated environments, can be vulnerable to their surroundings. Our worker safety mobile solutions allow employees to stay connected with their teams while complying with strict safety and regulatory requirements. Worker safety solutions from Bell ensure that your employees can always contact the necessary emergency response team in the event of an accident or a field emergency.

To find out how we can help your organization deploy hundreds or thousands of devices easily and efficiently contact us today.