Professional Services

Managing a fleet of wireless users and mobile assets is complex and often touches many areas of your organization. To assist our clients with managing their wireless portfolio we offer broad range of professional services including:

Managed Mobility Telecom Services

Wireless and advanced IOT deployments require daily support from many of your internal departments and external vendors; IT, Finance; Procurement; Wireless Carriers; Hardware Providers; Help Desk Support; to just name a few. Let our team of wireless support experts simplify this. By leveraging our workflow driven processes, our team takes a leading roll in supporting the day-to-day of your end users, IT department. Your finance team while providing managerial insight into how your wireless budgets are being spent and where money can be saved. Our clients on average are saving $180 annually per cellphone user in support costs and as much as $450 annually in wireless carrier costs. To find out more about how we can help your organization reduce the costs of supporting your wireless users contact us today.

Mobile Device Management Software

Mobile device management (MDM) simplifies the deployment, security, monitoring, management and support of smartphones and tablets through cloud-based or on-site solutions. With greater intelligence, security and control across all devices connected to your corporate network, you can better secure your data without restricting your employees' choice of device.

If you want to reduce the ever-increasing costs associated with your wireless carrier invoices, MDM software can help. By restricting devices to accessing business critical applications and restricting personal applications on corporately owned devices your monthly expenses can be significantly reduced while increasing the productivity of your teams. Invest the carrier savings achieved through using MDM software to develop workflows and applications to drive your business forward.

To find out more about how we can help your organization better manage your devices contact us today.

Device Staging

Deploying large numbers of smartphones and devices across your organization in a limited time frame is a challenge for many organizations. IT resources are limited and better focused on priority activities vs device and service deployments. National Wireless provides a full device deployment service to assist our clients with deploying large volumes of devices to their staff. With our experienced professional's onsite, we support your IT staff and take the burden of device set-up, configuration, contact transfer, memory transfer, application set-up, imaging and end user training making roll-outs simple and efficient. To find out how we can help your organization deploy hundreds or thousands of devices easily and efficiently contact us today.