About National Wireless

National Wireless, with more than 31 years of expertise in the Canadian Wireless Industry, has been and continues to be recognized for our leadership within the wireless industry by our Carrier, Manufacturer and Application partners. By focusing on the development, implementation and management of technology, we implement solutions that optimize our clients’ teams of mobile workers and deliver business efficiencies. 

Our clients benefit from our team’s vast industry experience as we competently deploy wireless solutions that stream line and eliminate paperwork across field staff, increase visibility of workflow and the location of mobile workers while reducing the total cost of ownership of wireless devices and technology. 

How do we help our clients?

  1. Looking for a way to increase the visibility of the location of your field workers, their vehicles and your corporate assets such as vehicles, equipment, containers, trailers, generators, compressors and heavy machinery? Would you like to improve fleet utilization and reduce the cost of fleet rentals to fill gaps?
  • We have a solution for that. 

  1. Do you need to reduce the costs associated with operating and maintaining your fleet of wireless devices and the associated carrier airtime costs? 
  • We have a solution for that.

  1. Do you need to reduce your internal costs associated with providing your mobile workers with Help Desk and IT support? 
  • We have a solution to reduce your Help Desk support costs by as much as 50%

  1. Do you need to have increased visibility into how your mobile workers are using their wireless devices? How much of the associated costs are for personal use vs business use? Are your costs out of line with the business value you are receiving from your mobile devices?  
  • We have years of experience working with medium and enterprise scale clients, providing them factual data and recommendations on how to identify and quantify personal device usage and how to bring the value of the wireless device fleet in line with the value achieved by the organization.

  1. Do you require assistance with a major device roll-out across your team of mobile workers? 
  • Our team of deployment specialists will come onsite to your offices and work in support of your IT group and look after the staging and deployment of your end-user devices as well as the training of your end-users.